Buff Stuff DIY Dry Mix 5 Pack

Buff Brownies!!


Whats better than Buff Brownies ready to eat?  How about your own Buff Brownies fresh out of the oven!!! All you need is an egg white (46g) and a half cup water to make your own delicious, gluten free, high protein buff brownies at home.  We even ship the baking pan!  At half the size of your traditional Buff Brownie, when baked, these gems are under 275 calories (1g fat, 33g carbs (1g sugar), 32g protein)

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BAKING PROCESS: Every week I open up the baking window for everyone to place their orders! I close the window every Saturday at 11:59pm EDT. That Monday night I bake everything fresh for Buff Brownie nation! I will ship out all products ordered that Tuesday morning and will be to the nation by Thursday or Friday.

-Jeremy Goldizen
Natural Pro Bodybuilder
Buff Brownie Owner & CEO


  • JG Crew Fitness LLC
    Perry, OH 44081

    Instagram: Buff_Stuff_Shop
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  • Email: Jgoldy833@gmail.com


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